R&J Dairy Consulting was started in 2006 by Rick Stehr, with the idea that dairy feed needed to be restructured to maximize nutrition and health for dairy herds at a price that was reasonable for the farmer. With this plan in mind R&J Dairy has stood by its owner’s philosophy of making lives better on the family farm by providing a quality product at a competitive price.

The goal for R&J Dairy Consultants is to provide a well-balanced, customized feeding plan for your dairy herd that will enhance good breeding, improve production, and save money. Our staff works directly with the farmer in order to provide the most accurate analysis of the farm’s current resources and the available feeding plans that can be formulated.

Our consultants having experienced farm life — either by living or working on the family farm understand many of the challenges faced in the agricultural community. Our small business structure allows us to remain passionate about what we do, but most of all, we care about our customers. We love what we do, and we love doing it well. It is our slogan! — “A Better Way of Doing Business”.

Meet The Staff

Rick Stehr, R.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
My passion in life is to help the family farm succeed, grow and develop to meet their goals for the betterment of all the family.
Jackie Behr, P.A.S.
Marketing Manager
Beef Consultant
I enjoy researching, analyzing and problem solving to make a difference in overall farm profitability and animal health. I am also passionate about milk education and enjoy working with 97 MILK to help make a positive impact on the family-owned dairy farms.
Brock Stehr, R.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
I truly care about my customers and their families. I work hard to provide the best support so that together we can set and achieve our goals.
Jason Wivell, P.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
I value the relationships that develop from becoming a trusted advisor on the farm. Being a part of a farmer’s livelihood year after year is an honor and a responsibility that brings true fulfillment.
Andy Laudenklos, R.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
I enjoy brainstorming with producers to reach their personal goals for their operation.
Chris Baldwin, R.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
Knowing that every day I have a chance to improve the lives of the family farm, makes going to work exciting and gratifying.
Kevin Smith, P.A.S.
Dairy Consultant
There is no better feeling, than helping the men and women farmers that I’ve come to know, do the best they can, and make a difference for their farms and their families.

vision statement

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and leading dairy nutrition company. To provide more options to dairy farmers so they thrive and are profitable.

mission statement

Our Mission

To inspire farmers to achieve their goals while offering the best service and custom formulations on the market. To provide service selflessly and help local dairies produce the highest quality milk available in the dairy industry.